CompTIA Volley Podcast Ep. 115: Trends in Managed Services

Carolyn and Seth start the show with a lightning round covering the GameStop stock saga, Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO of Amazon, and the Apple-Facebook feud over privacy. Then they turn their attention to CompTIA’s latest data on managed services. While most managed services providers (MSPs) seem to have heave weathered the COVID storm successfully, there have been changes to pricing model and a shift to higher-level services. MSPs are also getting more serious about their own cybersecurity so that they do not become an entry point for hackers to access all their clients.

Volley is a podcast from the CompTIA research team that is produced every other Friday. Senior Directors of Research Carolyn April and Seth Robinson toss the latest topics back and forth, sharing their insights on technology trends, information technology channel business and timely technology news useful for any CompTIA member, from managed service providers to business technology leaders. Catch up on the latest from the research team at the CompTIA Resources Center:

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