IT Managed Services | Typetec Ltd.

We have 2 clear objectives for Typetec’s Managed Services Solution;

1) Help transform our client’s business by offering innovative technological solutions and

2) ensure their IT systems are operational, available and secure at all times.

Our team of experts offer innovative and inspired solutions that not only help your organisation deliver and grow but offer real data analysis, creating vital business insight. With over 35 years’ experience as a trusted partner for our clients, we’ve built our reputation as the ‘go to’ provider in this area. We offer a true ‘partner’ approach in delivering your business IT needs – and our two ISO accreditations (IT services management & General Management) assures you that you are in safe hands.

Trust Assure is our flagship service offering, delivering a multitude for your business – it monitors, downloads, deploys and reports on all I.T. functions in your businesses – and it’s completely outsourced. Our Security Managed services can also be added, to provide extra resilience and security to your business’s IT system.